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Welcome to the site of World and Africa cultural Ambassadors waacalux Luxembourg

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World and Africa Cultural Ambassadors Luxembourg(waacalux) Asbl .Luxembourg ,was founded by Dede Aly . To help unite people of diver’s nationalities, cultures, colour and race.

Our Mission

Our objectives includes to:
- unite people of different cultures through, sport, music, and social activities.

-Promote world culture and Africa culture in particular.
-Promote sport, recreational and cultural activities among adults and children.
-Promote cultural exchange and mutual understanding between Luxembourg and the outside world .Africa in particular.

-Enhance cultural and sport exchange among members of the association.
-Promote contacts and mutual understanding between Luxembourg and foreigners.
-Promote social and civil training for members with the goal of promoting integration in Luxembourg.

The association offer Free musical, Djembe,and dance classes .Organise workshops,Sports,music and cultural exhibitions .Travelling and cultural exchange are organized on regular basis.

We welcome every one to join us in our search for peace and unity on earth. Would you like to participate in our activities ?.Please feel free to contact us with the address on the contact page.